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Artist's Statement

A celebration of the ordinary object or subject seen differently... painting is the ultimate human response to replicating nature in all its forms without the use of technology. I want to see the drawing, the paint, the marks, the struggle an image took to achieve the end result.


Because I have been through enough darkness in my personal life, I now wish to paint the things I missed before, the ordinary, the simple, the beautiful quietness of an object, or perhaps just to question 'how' we look at something. The space an object sits in can literally transform its presence, and can almost supersede the subject, i love that...


My work is 'traditional' in one sense, but to challenge the norm and the conventional, whether compositionally or subjectively, that is my goal. For me life is essentially about the relationships we have with those around us, and for that reason the portrait is a forever challenging proposition... Whilst likeness is key, I also believe that a portrait needs to work as a painting in its own right, to be contemporary and of its time, but most importantly it needs to capture the 'essence' of the sitter. The process of a portrait, being worked on over a period of time, allows me, the painter, to look a little harder to find those nuances that make us all so delightfully different! A portrait is the celebration of that someone's life, not necessarily their achievements, and I will not hand over a picture until I feel I have achieved that!